Amazon Video Direct Stars Winner! #AVDStarsWinner! - BLIPPI

I have acheived many milestones since starting Blippi 3 years ago. One of those milestones/goals I have always wanted to acheive was to get on Amazon Instant Video. As of October 2016 I acheived that milestone... Many of the Blippi episodes have been published on the amazing ad-free platform that is free to ALL prime users.

This morning I woke up to a great email. Amazon let me know that I (Blippi) was one of the top 100 performing self publishers of all of Amazon!!! WOW! INSANE! They have given me a financial bonus for being in the top 100.

Windows 95 was a great milestone.

Bill Gates

From here I will be grateful for all of the adults and children that have continued to show support in what I do. It has been such a fun ride taking Blippi from a few sketches of some VERY FUNNY looking outfits I had in mind to> becoming an Amazon Video Direct Star! This is not the end, it is still the beginning... I shall continue to work more than 12 hours a day, 7 days a week on acheiving more of my goals I have set out for Blippi.

Thank you!

Stevin John | 22 Nov, 2016