Blippi's YouTube Viewership... Still Soaring!

YouTube's "secret" algorithm that determines what is relevant to you/what you should watch next per their suggestion is over 1 million lines of code. That's a lot of coding! There is WAY more coding that goes into making YouTube run smoothly but for this post I will only be talking about the algorithm that determines what videos are relevant to you (by you I mean the 1+ billion active monthly viewers). In a nutshell the algorithm calculates a 100% completely unique outcome for YOU compared to the 999,999,999,999 other active users that they all have 100% unique results from the equation of the algorithm.

In my eyes there are a few ways to market on YouTube: You can create videos and click the publish button and BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE, your done! OR you can choose the daunting but fun life of learning this algorithm by which you constatly observe results, research of potential reasons for why those results potentially happened, and implimentation one of the potential reasons so I can retest again. It seems the algorithm likes my Blippi content.

If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?.

Albert Einstein

Analytics: Numbers, Graphs, Charts, etc. all excite me. I bet you can guess now on those previous examples what my marketing methodology behing Blippi has been :P YouTube can be a monster to try and "figure out" and everyone is constantly trying to figure out the best way to do things to get more views. Many of us are guilty of this, which is fine. But through all of the chaos I beleive there is a more important thing that YouTubers should be concentrating on. THE CONTENT ITSELF. I beleive the content is the most important aspect of YouTube. If your content is horrible it doesn't matter how much you know about the algorithm, your brand/videos will not be evergreen and they will not last!


Three years ago I told myself if I was to make content for children I would be dedicated to learning about children. How they learn, what they like, why they like what they like, why they dont like what they dont like, etc. It has been such a fun time learning about children, WAY MORE FUN than learning about YouTube's algorithm (not saying I don't learn that as well)!

Stevin John | 1 Oct, 2016